How long will carpet flooring last?

How long will carpet flooring last?

When taken care of and installed correctly, carpeting can last around 20 years. We know someone whose rug lasted 23 years!

Take inventory of your needs

Do you have a large or small family? Are there kids, pets, or frequent guests?

How do you plan to use the room? Will there be a lot of foot traffic?

These answers will help you determine if you need a floor covering with extra durability and stain resistance.

Two terms you must know

Many factors determine quality. One is density, how close together the fibers are tufted. Density numbers ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 are acceptable. Higher is better.

Twist means how many times fiber is turned per inch. A good number is four or higher.

Get familiar with these words. You'll hear them frequently in the carpet store.

Three main styles

They are looped, such as Berber and level loop; cut-piles and cut and loop. All are good choices for all levels of foot traffic.

High pile rugs, such as the shag, are best in low traffic rooms like bedrooms.

Frieze has long-ish fibers that are so tightly twisted they curl. This hides dirt well and is durable and great for family rooms.

Saxony Plush is a carpeting best for low-traffic rooms. Saxony Texture is acceptable for any level of foot traffic.

Low pile rugs are the most durable and easiest to keep clean. As a result, you'll often see them in style-driven offices.

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