What does carpet "pile" mean?

What does carpet "pile" mean?

There's a good reason why carpeting is always considered such a great choice. Not only does it combine visual appeal with high function, but it also provides comfort underfoot, making it a top choice for your Gilroy home.

When you come into our carpet store, you'll see an overwhelming choice of designs, colors, patterns, and styles, but the pile is going to be one of the most important decisions you'll make. It just refers to the density of fibers and whether they're low, high, medium, or even looped. Pile affects everything, and if you choose the wrong type of pile for your installation, it won't perform
well or last as long.

Understanding the carpet manufacturing process

All carpets start as a looped construction and are attached to the backing. They either remain that way or are then cut into fibers, piles of different lengths. They include:

  1. 1. Looped: This is when the piles remain uncut, as in the level loop or Berber styles.
  2. Cut-pile: This has short, even fibers with exposed ends and a kind of fuzzy look.
  3. Saxony: This is a cut pile but with longer fibers that are either densely packed and angled in one direction (Saxony, Straight or Plush, or Velvet) or cut and angled at all different directions (Saxony Texture, or Trackless)
  4. High pile: These have long, loose fibers like the shag, which now has an extensive color palette, ranging from purple and red to multi-tones and black. They're fun and visually engaging but more challenging to keep clean, so this is best for low-traffic rooms like the bedroom. Frieze is also high pile but has shorter yarns than the shag, with fibers twisted so tightly they curl. Again, this is great for family rooms and more casual atmospheres.
  5. Low pile: These rugs have short, tightly woven fibers and are easier to keep clean and more durable. They're suitable for any traffic level.

The cut-and-loop style combines loop piles and cut ones. The varying heights, which create patterns and textured effects, are suitable for any room.

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